Looking for speakers for pioneer vsx-1019ah-k?
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Not saying one is "better" certainly you can buy floostanders but decent ones probably around $1500+ I'd look into $200-$400 bookshelf speakers as good price range and have decent bass response but not too much as it'll cause room problems
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Originally Posted by NewbieButEager /img/forum/go_quote.gif
So this would be better? 36-20,000 Hz

Those are not floor standers. When I asked better I meant if they cover a better range of "sound"....

Also, I've been looking for the B&W 601 without luck....

Is there a Site where I can enter the specifications and it will show me my options? I tried Cnet, but need more options selections prior to results...
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You mean a wider range of sound? Yes they do but doesn't mean they sound better. I didn't say get 601's, just something around that price and size. I'd buy a few Hi-Fi mags and see what's available.

What are those seakers with 36hz?
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I think you are looking a little too much into numbers. Your sub is going to take care of the lower registry anyway. Sensitivity shouldnt really be such a big concern for you since the 1019 is plenty powerful. The impedance is usually configurable in the receiver as well.

Dont bother with THX specifications and what not, look for speakers that can manage 60-80hz. Set your crossover at 80hz, or pull it up to 100hz if you end up with smaller satellites.

Basically if you get speakers that can manage 60-80hz, you can compromise a bit on the sub, if you end up with tiny satellites, you'll need a good sub which is accurate to 100-120 and doesnt end up sounding boomy.

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