Looking for something similar to Ikko OH10
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Sep 29, 2009
So I just got these and I am in love with the sound, maybe I would them to be a little warmer but thats about it...Problem is they are too big for my ears, the weight of them might be bothering me too I think and part of it is legit digging into my ear to the point that that area is a bit red. I guess I have tiny ears..So basically I am looking for this sound in something more suited for my ears
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Bgvp dmg have a similar sound with much better fit imo.
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What Terco said. The OH10 is priced really well and it's hard to find a hybrid iem in the same price range. The fiio fh5 is another contender as well that's about $70ish more. It also had a shorter nozzle but doesn't weigh as much as like 8 iems like OH10. You do have more choices in the BA only iems but you loose the dynamic punch you get from the low end. You can get warmer BA only iems but just depends if you like the dynamic impact or not.

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