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Yet you'll have a harder time to actually find offerings from Stax that sound warm (between the lambdas that is). My stax sigma is an example of a warm and euphonic 'stat. My stax lambda signature is exactly the opposite..
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The little research I have done on the Stax has suggested as much (leaning more towards analytical in most cases) but I am still interested in trying them out.
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I do own and like stax. So, obviously, I may have a biased opinion. But I think when you use an expression like being on the analytical side means something negative like cold, uninspiring but detailed sound. If I would have to choose a headphone for such  a soundprint is the AKG 240, but it maybe unfair as it is like this compared to HD650, but if you own and use exclusively AKG you may not characterise like this. For me stax is the natural, real life like sound. Period. Not cold, not warm, not slow not fast, but the less coloured possible sound. But HD 650 is coloured sound. I had and did like it for years. I did like better than the AKG 501 and 240, which I found cold etc. I knew that HD is erring on the warm side, but I only realised not only colored, but atrificial sounding after acquiring stax. It relates partly to different technology which allows different sound print. I have "only" sr-x 3. Lambda family gives similar style sound, but more expansive soundstage and a bit more musical sound. But even in this personal preference count, as I do think that for me the somewhat more dynamic and detailed sound of sr-x 3 compensates for the relative lack of soundstage and for certain perception of musicality due to somehow less transparent sound (but here difference in transparency is really small). 
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Thanks for the input. If anything, I've read that Stax are pretty much as natural (neutral?) as it comes, as in they don't color or emphasize anything that shouldn't be.
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Not necessarily neutral.. But none of the Stax are really colored either. Yet they are known for having a very realistic sound due to the way most of them present music. Very, very effortless with that electrostat magic which is hard to describe

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