Looking for something cheap and readily available
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Jan 26, 2006
I'm looking for a pair of either IEMs or in-ear buds for under $45 that I can pick up at any major electronics stop locally.

I'm leaving this week on a long flight and my UM2s are on lend to someone. I know I won't find anything close to the performance I'm accustomed to, but perhaps with the help of Head-Fi i can find something suitable for the trip.

My ideals; relatively even sound signature, no flabby or bloated bass, not incredibly pushed back mids and highs, moderately comfortable. And not nec in that order.

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well the only pair comes into mind is the cx300s. clean but punchy bass, well presented mids, treble is ok but dont remember it leaving a distinct impression. comfort is great esp for long journeys, after about 30min i hardly notice its there. but most importantly you can pick it up in any major electronic/hifi outlet.

the only drawback was that it took me quite awhile to get used to, when i first got it i thought the sq was comparable to my ibuds and i spent ages trying to get a nice fit, but all this vanished as time went on, however it took me weeks before i was completely satisfied with them. imho, i believe they do not deliver as much straight out of the box.
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Ah, that may be somewhat difficult. The CX300 isn't readily available at sub-$50 prices in retail stores AFAIK, and the Creative EP630 (which is very much similar) may be difficult to find in many brick&mortar' as well. I'd recommend either of those, though they might have some bloated bass in comparison with that of your UM2.

A lot of the sub-$70 IEM/IEB have pretty bloated bass, unfortunately.
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K81dj works very nicely.. or does it have to be an IEM?
It isolates quite a lot, althought not as much as real IEMs
IMO about the same level of isolation as cx300 etc with much better sound

A different kind of headphone's better than a 'spare' headphone, no?
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Know of anyplace to pick up a K81DJ?

I've been really wanting to hear one, this would be a good excuse to buy one.
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update: why does this ALWAYS happen!

Walked in Radio Shack looking for some relays and saw quite a headphone selection on the wall. A certain pair of shiny red UE Super.fi 3 Live's caught my eye and there was really no escaping the $99 price tag. :\

I've owned UE's before so I'm interested to see what these can do! Definitely going in optimistic.

(On second thought, I can't say I've ever seen a pair of red super.fi 3 lives before. They look really sharp, with an anodized red aluminum carrying case too. Now if only UE jumped on board with [product]red they could really be great!

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