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Looking for some portable DAC recommendations. Requirements with-in.

  1. jbeez

    I have a rig setup in my car using an ipad mini 4 as a source unit, i go lightning out to a USB3 camera connection kit, out of there currently to a Zhilai Audio H2 dac. Toslink out of that to a Helix DSP in my trunk, I control all the volume with a helix director remote.

    I'm not sure of the specs on this unit exactly, not sure how much it matters, I don't think it's converting to analog anywhere in the DAC unit on the ipad, its usb in and toslink out? Do I need to be concerned with certain quality aspects of different DAC units if there's no analog conversion really going on?

    What I'm looking for is a list of possible DAC units
    1) powered via USB, that accept USB signal input
    2) known to work with ipad and camera connection kit
    3) no volume control on the dac itself
    4) optical out.
    5) Prefer small in size is good.

    Are there certain dac chipsets I should look for and or certain chipsets I should stay away from? So far I was thinking of the ESI Dr Dac Nano, M-Audio Micro DAC, M-Audio Micro DAC 24/192.

    I originally ordered a MUSE dac on amazon and they had sent me this Zhilai dac instead, I didn't even notice it was the wrong unit for several months. Not sure if I can trust aliexpress description, but it says its a PCM2704 chipset.


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