Looking for some new cans...
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New Head-Fier
Apr 17, 2013
Hi Guys,
Long time lurker here.
I don't really have the audio vocabulary that most of you guys throw around here and there, but I'm attempting to learn. At any rate, I'm looking for a new pair of headphones and am currently in possession of Audiotechnica AT-Pro700's from about 3 years ago or so.
I'm in the market for some new headphones for $300-$500, though cheaper is better.
I'm really looking for similar portability and durability as my ATs, though I could bend to something that isn't as foldable but comes with a case that offers moderate protection so that I can throw it in my backpack. Additionally, I'm seeking something that has a fair amount of noise isolation so that when I'm in the library people around me won't throw glares for it being disturbing when it's turned up. That being said I think it's fair to say I'm looking for some closed back headphones and over-ear, though I'm really open to any style as long as they're isolating.
I've done some looking, but can't really decide where I want to go at this point (I would also like to point out that the two major types of music I listen to currently are EDM and Pop Punk/Alternative). I had a few things on my mind and I'll list them here; other suggestions are appreciated:) Also, NC is not essential to me, though if there is NC I would prefer a standard battery as LI bats degrade over time.
1) Bose QC15's - I know I know...I probably shouldn't even have these on here because the bass is so muddy.
2) Ultrasone HFI 680 - I've heard nice things about the sounds of these headphones; however, I'm worried about the comfort and the long term durability of the earpads/folding
3) PSB MTU's - I have yet to go and try these out, though my primary concern is the metal hinge that allows these to fold up
4) Nokia Purity Pro HD's - I'm not entirely sure of the sound quality of these phones and there is the similar issue of the hinges used to fold these. Even though they have lithium ion batteries I'm willing to scratch it off as a con since they are BT as well as corded once the battery dies.
5) Grado (in general) - Great sound though I'm not entirely sure if I can get away with noise isolation since all of them are open-backed now.
6) Seinheisser (in general) - Not entirely fond of their looks, though if the sound is there I may be able to see myself getting a pair.
I was really leaning toward the Ultrasones until someone brought up some comfort issues as well as folding/fitting problems.
Thanks in advance!
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 4, 2012
Grado = No-go
I have had no problems with my hfi-780. The only thing that can annoy me is pressure on top of my head. I think you can do better SQ wise, though

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