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Looking for some headphones (trip-hop, lo-fi, future bass)

  1. bukowski
    hi guys,

    first of all, sorry for another rookie thread, but i've read lots and lots of info and still didn't find the right answer.
    so, i'm looking for some heaphones, under €100 if possible:

    - for music 99,9%, no gaming at all. i hear trip-hop, lo fi, future bass and lots and lots of hip-hop/lofi/jazz/whatever instrumental beats while working;

    - closed or not. don't know, but i work in quiet environments;

    - wireless or wired... hummm... i'll use them 90% at home or close to the music source;

    - i like a nice bass, but not overpowering the other range. so warm/fun sound, but well defined;

    - and finally... the look... vintage, please! i'm all for the vintage look. i own the Pana RP-HTX7 and i love the AKG/Samson/Superlux look also.

    thanks, in advance, for all the help you can give me, mates.

    if i downgrade the vintage look a bit (and increase my budget on the same level)...
    maybe the Audio-Technica ATH-M50XBT?
  2. Cruelhand Luke
    I would take a good look at the Bosshifi B7/Sivga SV005 or one of the other clones (I had the Kinden version, which was the cheapest and also completely unbranded, which I liked)
    They are warmish (the mids are somewhat forward) the sound stage isn't super big, but it feels accurate...and it has really fun bass. I liked my set, but I had to cut down on headphones to save space, so I gave mine to my son.
  3. alvinsi
    You might be able to find a pair of hifiman 400s at that pricepoint second hand. Reviews are great on it and personally owned one - they are great.
  4. bukowski
    not really into wood headphones or buying second hand, but thank you guys, for your suggestions.
  5. Cruelhand Luke
    wood=retro...but ok. Seems like looks are more important to you....the Monoprice Modern Retro looks like a vintage AKG and has great bass, maybe you'd like those.
  6. bukowski
    can't lie to you. i couldn't buy anything i don't like. and the look it's part of it.
    i've checked those Monoprice but seems impossible to buy them here in Europe. only in amazon in the us.
    and with the import fees... they become a little expensive comparing with the original price (double the price).

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