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Looking for some great bass IEMS + great build quality

  1. Pipponzi
    Any advice? Price range about $300-$350
  2. ZARIM
    The JVC FX700 ( it has amazing deep reverbing bass and natural wood signature for acoustic music), Sony XBA4, Westone 3, Sennheiser IE80 ( overall punchy bass and great clarity) and MTP Copper are great bass heavy IEMs without missing details in mids, highs.
  3. Nintendam
    +1 on the FX700, still my favorite
    if you don't mind sub-par isolation... but the jvc's have been my go to iem for anything electronic the past year
    they just have a certain 'bite' that both the ie80's and ex1000's can't reproduce
  4. BurritoJimmy
    If you wanted to save a bit of money, a refurbished pair of IE8's can be found for under $200.  They're my go to headphone for my electronic music, although I own any of the headphones mentioned above.
  5. Pipponzi
    differences between IE80 and IE8 please?
  6. BurritoJimmy
    Well I havnt actually heard the IE80, but from what I've read is that it has less mid-bass but more sub-bass and detail, as well as a stiffer cable.
  7. IanPadilla
    +1 for the monster turbine pro coppers and the westone 3's.
    Look  into the klipsche x10s as well or the shure se535s.
  8. Pipponzi
    what do you advice if I want also a good isolation?

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