Looking for some good $30-35 IEMs
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Apr 21, 2012
So I got my girlfriend a laptop for her birthday and I would like to introduce her to the world of good audio quality with a pair of IEMs to go along with it. She's always bought crappy $10 in-ears and always wonders why I spend so much on my headphones. I wanna get her something that sounds good, decent soundstage, good balance with a bit of low-end, and doesn't break the bank. I thought about the Monoprice IEMs that everyone raves about, but with their weird design, I'm not entirely sure they would fit her ear comfortably.
She generally listens to rock, hip-hop, and some Christian music.
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The $13 Soundmagic ES18 doesn't sound like a $13 IEM, but one that is much more expensive. I am listening to mine now, even though I have a number of others that were much more expensive. It has plenty of bass, however the bass sounds natural. Those who have the ES18 and the $35 Soundmagic E10 say that they sound very similar. The E10 seems to be larger than the ES18, so for a woman the ES18 might also give a better fit.
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Zero Audio Tenore.  $29 from Amazon:

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