Looking for some comfortable headphones
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May 18, 2008

I'm looking for some very comfortable closed headphones for gaming (mainly FPS). I don't need super duper fantastic surround sound bass or whatever - they just need to be comfortable for long periods on gaming. Sure if they sound great then that's a bonus, I just mean I'm not looking for the best sounding headphones out there
I have approx £50 ($100) to spend, not including shipping (Some headphones you can't get here in the UK but you can in the US).

Kinda off topic, but I also need a very good quality desktop mic for communication in-game, ventrilo, teamspeak, etc. I always seem to find my microphones aren't as clear as I want them to be or there's always some sort of background noise team-mates complain of. There's nothing more annoying in-game then having to repeat yourself :p

I'm a bit of an audio noob and it would be great if you guys could help me out
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Can't help you in the Microphone dept, but if you look for a pair of used Sennheiser HD555's, they might be in your price range. If they're the models outfitted with velour (I've heard some come with leather/pleather), then you are set in the comfort dept. I have a pair of 595s with the velour, and man, they're amazing.
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he wants Headset not headphones...

for Gaming u shud buy Headset since it has Microphone for voice-chat..

One word: Razer Piranha..... works on USB

the Mic is good & your voice comes out unmuffled.

Razer Piranha: Razer Piranhaâ„¢ Gaming Communicator

$79.99 only!
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Out of all the headphones i've owned (look at sig), the most comfortable are unquestionably the AKG K601s. They are open, but open will give you a better soundstage and about everything else. And they have very little sound leakage when on your head. Plus you will be able to hear yourself talk, instead of the muffled sound you hear when using a completely closed pair of cans.

For mic, the zalman clip on headphone cord mic works the best. It can be had shipped for $10.

The best dynamic headphones for professional gaming are the AKG K601s, and the Beyerdynamic DT880 2005 edition.

And for the most part, stay away from headsets. They are generally garbage. The only ones i'd recommend are a set by Beyerdynamic, or the Astro A40s.
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You can get the Senn HD280s as a headset variant. They're not bad for gaming.

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