Looking for semi-portable over/ons for $70
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Dev Martin

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Sep 26, 2015
Hi, I have been trying to decide how to replace my Pistons that went through the wash. I decided I should upgrade to something better. I am tired of IEMs.

I had just ordered Beyerdynamic DTX 350p. On ear wirecutter mention, plastic can break, no case included, plain/cheap looking, good sound for on ear supposedly. But then I realized wirecutter just liked it compared to on ear. Then I thought maybe ath-m30x? I also can get Sony MDR-ZX770BT for $80 or 770BN for $130. But I'm not super interested in Sony unless the sound is way better than the rest.

I mostly use them on the bus. Some walking on campus. Reasonable length or detachable cord would be nice, and sturdy case included. Nothing more engineer/overboard looking than anything Beats makes, generally speaking. And I want good sound, but I don't know how to describe that. I tweak the EQ a little keeping more 60 and 10k for rock and hip hop. I just want really competent but doesn't have to be perfect for $60-70.

I canceled the 350p order as I'm not sure what I should get.

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