Looking for replacement for PM-3? What sounds similar?
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Aug 11, 2015
Yes, running through the Oppo HA2, which is connected via USB to the PC, which has the Oppo Control panel installed.

I have also tried HeSuVi without the HA2 but I prefer the sound with the DAC.
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Jul 30, 2015
So... After an evening with the HD600 and HD660S's... My ears have chosen the HD600's.

I enjoy a natural and neutral sound with clarity and instrument definition and the HD600's deliver on all these fronts.
The HD660S, by comparison, was muffled and dampened, almost like being played from under a blanket compared to the HD600.

I have only tested with tracks that I know very well and from a variety of genres, pop, classic, folk, rock and trip hop using Spotify Premium, Tidal Premium and Qobuz HiFi.
I compared both headphones with the Oppo PM-3 and was surprised to hear more detail and clearer definition and separation with the HD600.

I cannot believe how good the HD600's sound (to my ears and with my set up) but I am very glad that I have found them.

I think the best surprise is that I often forget that I have headphones on and think that I have left the speakers on as the sound is so convincing and clear.

Thanks again for your advice.

I'm glad you're happy with your choice! The only thing I'd say is you might wanna wait until both are broken-in a bit to see if your opinion on either has changed. Tbh, I don't know if the HD6XX series is known for their sound changing (I'd refer to their respective threads), but if so, maybe give it around a week? It's always surprising when a piece of gear finally locks into place and becomes the thing it's meant to be.

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