Looking for relaxing closed cans that are great for piano... (in the <$300 range)
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Mar 6, 2008
I listen to a lot of piano and classical music,
as well as other soft rock while studying in the library.
I really don't care about isolation, as long as the cans don't leak...
I also don't care about comfort as long as they sound great.

I have a pair of HD25-1s right now, and love them. unfortunately, I feel like they're more fit for high energy music rather than classical.

can anyone recommend a set of closed headphones under $300 for me that fits the description??
I was thinking about the Ultrasone HFI 780? Audio Technica ESW9??

thanks a million!!
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Of the three - most definitely ESW9, but I wonder if there are better choices available... ultimately you want something that sounds like HD600, but I have yet to find a closed can with that sound.
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Any reason why they have to be closed headphones? A small soundstage doesn't produce a realistic performance for piano IMO. The K701 is the first headphone/speaker/anything I've heard that truly does justice to piano. It's tight and accurate bass actually reproduces low notes and the leading edges of the hammer strikes realistically. Decay also sound very realistic and multiple notes stay resolved well. It's the only headphone I've personally heard that truly makes a piano sound like a piano.
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k271 is appropriate if you can have an amp and all, that might be difficult when using in the library.

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