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New Head-Fier
Jun 27, 2015
Hi all,
first of all apologies as the information I'm looking for can probably be found by researching the website. And actually I find this research always a fun and educational part of a new purchase. However as I am working (dive instructor) on an expedition sailing vessel cruising the South Pacific, internet access is very limited and expensive. So I'm afraid I have to rely on the experience and knowledge of the users on this forum to help me out.
I'm currently been using Shure E4c IEM for the last 10 years and really enjoyed them. My use is mainly for listening music on my iPhone and watching movies on my MacBook Pro.
As the Shure's are getting a bit old, wires started fraying, and I'm looking for more functionality (volume, mic) in the IEM, I'm looking for new IEM's.
What would be my ideal IEM:
- neutral presentation (not bass heavy)
- Volume and microphone for iPhone/Macbook
- Wearing looping the wire over the ear (and mic in correct place using this).
- Compatible with the Shure foam eartips (love the fit and isolation).
- I know this is a bit against to what is actually preferred on here it appears, a slim straight headphone plug (like the original Apple earbuds). This as my iPhone is in a Lifeproof case (waterproof case, essential on a boat!), and the headphone plug opening in the case is very small.
My budget is anywhere to US$100. As our boat has guests coming from US, Europe, Australia/NZ, I can have them shipped to these regions.
A quick browse has led to the Meelec A151P or Hifiman RE-400i as the ones that seems to hit most of my requirements.
Hope you can all help me out!
Regards from Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga, where we are in port for a few days.

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