Looking for recommendations.
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Sep 1, 2013
I'm looking for some in-ear headphone recommendations. Primarily for while I'm at work or commuting, so open-air is a must. Also I find most cord lengths to be just a tad too short, so a longer than typical cord would be a big plus. Looking at 4-12 hours daily use.

I listen to a wide variety of music, just about everything but country. I don't mind spending up to $100 or so, but I'm playing the music off my HTC One so it's possible getting something high-end would be a bit wasteful, I don't really know.

My ears are a bit small, I've never had a problem but probably should avoid larger earbuds.

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Hi krijara.
Have you checked out the Phiaton PS210, Philips S1/S2, Radius DDM or some of the Sennheiser IE models? I'm not too familiar with open-back earphones so hopefully the above list (albeit very short) helps you out.
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The Phillips and the Radius both look promising, but both have the standard 1.2m cords. I'm really hoping to find something longer.

Is there some way of getting the cord lengthened that I don't know about?

I had a skullcandy set a couple years ago, unimpressive and they wore out quickly. But they had a 1.4m cord!
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  I think you can buy extension cords? I'm not exactly sure where you would purchase them from though.

Though it's probably way too long, but just searching for 3.5mm extension brings up lots of results.
OP: an extension cable is going to be your best bet.  That way you can get the decent IEMs (I don't know of any open ones, but I'm sure they exist somewhere) without worrying about cable length.
Or you could build your own extension cable.  Wouldn't be that hard.

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