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Looking for portable closed-back over-ears with "thick and warm" sound

  1. thegreatpeng
    Hello there

    I am looking for a pair of portable headphones to replace my IEMs for better comfort during long time listening, have come across the dt880, k7xx, msr7, shure 840, ath m50, but found them all having "thin & cold" and to some extent textured soundings, especially in term of female vocal. Generally I prefer thicc sound like that of my ad2000x and se535, which renders female vocals in a really tasty way.

    Can I get some recommendations from you on the portable closed-back over-ears please? it will be better if they can be folded. Thanksss!
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Can we assume this is for portable headphones, for when traveling?
    Check out the Audio Technica ATH-ESW9.
  3. thegreatpeng
    Thanks for the reply. They are indeed nice but unfortunately, they are on-ears. comfort really is the concern here:frowning2:
  4. serman005
    Meze 99 Classics or Neo could conceivably work for you. Maybe read about them and see if it's a fit. AKG K545 is also a possibility--they fold and also sound terrific.
  5. thegreatpeng
    Thanks for the comment! I heard a lot of good about the meze ones, I will try to grab one for home use later if I could find a good price:) looked into the k545, they do flip/swivel to flat but don't fold inward, unfortunately, and they do look super bulky...any other thoughts?
  6. serman005
    The other ones that come to mind are the B&W P7 and the NAD HP50. That's about it for me.
  7. thegreatpeng
    I have tried the p7, too much bass to me..and I just ordered the hp50 and will see how that goes! Thanks!
  8. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Ok, how about the Soundmagic HP151 headphones.
  9. blackdragon87
    Yeah I also think either one of the meze would be a good choice
  10. serman005
    Yeah, the P7 has bass for sure. I hope you like the HP50. I think it sounds really good. Let us know.
  11. thegreatpeng
    Hello there, just a quick update: I love the hp50! the presentation is exactly what I wanted: thick and warm w/ some texture but overall smooth, it is a little brighter than the se535 and not as passionate as the ad2000x, but perfect for my case! plus I find the headband really comfortable not like some other people. For the price I paid (140 on amazon) I doubt I can find anything better! Thanks for the recommendation!
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