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Looking for open cans!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by knightwolf15, Sep 26, 2012.
  1. Knightwolf15
    I'm looking for open cans. I have a fiio E10 and because of other financial commitments (getting a tv, a Fiio E11, ipod classic) I would like to get the best possible open hp I can for around 300. So far I've looked at the AKG Q701 and the Grado SR225/325i. Would my E10 on high gain be able to power these two? I already have a pair of Shure SRH840s as my closed hp right now. I listen to a little bit of everything but alot of Rock and Jazz. Thanks guys!
  2. NA Blur
    Your FiiO can drive either of those headphones.  I will warn you that the Grado headphones you list are very uncomfortable and lack soundstage and instrument separation.  If all you need is a home setup the Q701 is a much better headphone.
  3. planx
    SR225i= Bright. SR325i= Very bright. I sold my SR325i for a SR225i. Any Grado, you don't need an amp, just might help if you do. However for the Q701, the E10 should be sufficient. I would recommend the Q701 for jazz, but not rock. Grado does very well with both rock and jazz. As NA mentioned above, Grados do get a lot of getting used to. If you're okay with ears hurting after 30 minute sessions and needing to take a quick break, go for the Grados. If you're really specific on comfort, the Q701 should be MUCH better.
  4. Knightwolf15
    What about Beyerdynamics DT880?
  5. planx
    All three are very different headphones. Beyer DT880 sounds better to me as an all-rounder, while the Q701 excels in Classical and Jazz, and Grados for Rock, Jazz, Opera, and Pop.
  6. MalVeauX
    I would look to the Beyer DT880, Sennheiser HD600 (used maybe), Hifiman HE300 (revision 2), Ultrasone HFI 2400, AKG Q701.
    And really if you can just save up about $50 more, you could go right to the Hifiman HE-400 which would be phenomenal.
    Otherwise, I would go for the DT880 or HD600. The Q701 is a good headphone but I find it doesn't sound as lively and rich with jazz and the like as the DT880/HD600 do.
    The DT880 & Fiio E10 are a great match by the way. The Fiio is slightly dark and rolls treble off a touch, taking the edge off a Beyer, and it has that wonderful +3db bass if you want it to add without distortion that can make the DT880 get really warm if you want it to. Fantastic combination.
    Very best,
  7. Knightwolf15
    I'm curious, why are there different versions of the same headphones?
  8. Dyaems
    year of production, i guess. im prolly wrong though
  9. Knightwolf15
    The different Ohms?
  10. MaximumSandvich
    I can give my full approval of the DT990 premium 250 ohm (600 ONLY if you have a super setup)
    It has that "Ok, I'm satisfied now." feel for me, one that the Ultrasone PRO 750s didn't give me. (I own a pair of Shure SRH 440s for taking to college on the bus daily)
    The sound quality and detail (when used with a decent DAC) are up there with the hi-fi stuff. Although these cans are more than detailed enough to be analytical, they also have an amazing soundstage (this is where the difference between the 990 pro and premium come in; the premiums have a bigger soundstage).
    Let me compare them to a well-known trump card, the HD 800.
    If I were given the task of picking every note out of a 100-piece orchestra and recreating the score from the recording only, I would choose the HD 800 because it IS (slightly) more detailed and also has a more precise soundstage.
    However, if I were to become trapped in an empty dimension with nothing but audio equipment, some recordings, and one pair of headphones (HD800 or DT990), I would choose the DT990 because it (to me) is simply more musical and engaging. The bass and treble are more forwards than the mids, but in a way that works so well that I would describe it as "emphasis" rather than "imbalance".
    Not to mention, the build quality on the DT990 premiums is about as good as anyone could ever hope for: metal on all structural parts, leather and velour on parts that touch you.
    Also, considering it can be had for $230-260 right now (used), it seems to be the best value out there.
  11. icehole
    To be clear i have not heard the grados or the q701s, though I plan on purchasing both in the future.  With that being said, with a small bump in price range the senn hd650s I find to be excellent for rock.  The mids are very present and clear.  Nice quality to bass, but to me not too bloated.  I am not sure if the e10 is a nice pairing for these either, maybe others would know better, but I deff have to put my vote in for the 650s.
  12. MalVeauX
    There is no difference among them; they are equal in general. However there are different impedance versions for easier matching to amplifiers. Many people have receivers/amps already, and amps sometimes have peak outputs that match better with higher impedance, or lower impedance, depending on design. So having the option of higher/lower impedance ranges on the headphone allows for a better matching without having to buy a new amplifier.
    Very best,
  13. Knightwolf15
    So would you advise the DT880 over a pair of HD600s?
  14. MalVeauX
    They are equivalents. Some people like the DT880, some the HD600. You'll have to experience the house sound of each to know. The DT880 is slightly more analytical, a touch brighter, which to me is more exciting and fun and I like it, with pretty good and deep reaching bass. The HD600 is a little warmer sounding, less analytical and a touch less bright. Both are world class headphones and easily end-game headphones for most people. Simply slight differences in signature between them. Both are relatively easy to drive, the Beyer comes in three flavors, the HD600 in one flavor. Both can be scaled nicely on differing amplifiers too should you get interested in that in the future (such as matching up tube amps, etc).
    Very best,
  15. Knightwolf15
    So getting the 250 ohms DT880 would be advisable for my E10?

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