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Looking for new in ear headphones

  1. rajdadodge
    Hi, this is my first post on this forum, just registered. I am looking to buy new in ear headphones because
    1.) I am tired of them breaking after like 3-4 months
    2.) I listen to music 24/7 because music is my 2nd love after sports, so I want decent in ears that won't break.
    3.) I prefer in ears over over ears so I can use them any time.
    4.) I want something good and decent for the price but nothing too expensive, basically get value for my money.
    what are your suggestions?
    5.) I listen to all types music, more rap/hip hop tho, but I listen to rap, hip hop, country, and some rock, not much at all. Those 3 are the genres I listen to most.
  2. sowilde
    What is your price range? One mans cheap is another mans expensive...
    Without going over $100, consider these:
    1. Grado iGi
    2. Klipsch Image S4
    3. Woodees IESW101B (The regular woodees. Not ones with a finish on the wood.)
    4. Monster Lil Jamz (not the best bang for the buck, but they are super durable and good for rap/hip-hop)
    5. Shure SE215
    Im sure there are a bunch more. Audio Technica has a nice 
  3. rajdadodge

    dude thank you so much! and sorry for making a new thread. I didnt read the other one. I think I'm gonna go w/the Klipsch after doing more research on them. They seem the best out of all of them.
  4. rajdadodge
    **** people on amazon are complaining about the klipses and shures.
  5. Cielbleufr
    Klipsch, i hate their signature, too warm, no solid structure.

    If you want the best advice, try the Dunu earphones.
    I have the Trident from 3 weeks now, they are the perfect pair i've never had
    And i had a lot !

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