Looking for new IEMs
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New Head-Fier
Aug 22, 2013
Budget: up to $300

Source: Fiio e12a

Requirements for Isolation: well isolated, not a deal breaker though

Preferred Type of Headphone: IEMs, BA with multiple drivers. Must have detachable cable.

Preferred tonal balance: Neutral (slightly warm), detail monster

Past headphones: ATH-IM02, Xiaomi Piston 2s (or however you spell it), Senn HD 380s

Preferred Music: EDM, Acoustic, basically everything except for country and jazz.

What would you like to improve on from your set-up: just need a good pair of iems that i can use for listening to music, maybe some audio monitoring. Will also use when working out.

Looking for 'full size' iems that have the over ear cable wrap. Will look at anything though.

Currently looking at:
Westone W30
Westone UM Pro 30
Noble Audio 3u
Sennheiser ie80
UE 900
Most of these are slightly out of budget, but I'm not in a hurry so I can wait for the right price on ebay etc.
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In pretty much the same boat as OP... have the Fiio E12a, budget is <$200 for some new IEM's.

Currently only own Xiaomi Pistons (haven't used them with the Fiio E12a yet... would that even be recommended?)

As you can probably tell, I'm a noob to pretty much all things audio (but am eager to learn more)!

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