Looking for new IEMs (max 100EUR/130USD)
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Apr 6, 2008
Hello guys!
Here I am, at another crossroads of my life: buying new IEMs. (for me they're the best for road/travelling). After a few long hours of reading reviews and opinions/recommendations around here, I can't really decide of what I need. So I'm putting down my situation and experience hoping that someone could near down my possible choices.
So I start with the price. I don't really wanna spend more than 100 EUR/130 USD. I'm not that of an audiophille nor I have a bigger budget.
My experience extends to a pair of Senn CX300 and a pair of HeadDirect RE0.
The first ones were bought during university so, back then (some 4-5 years ago) they were the best low budget opinion (I think). They were ok (giving the money and experience), but in the end I realized that maybe the only nice thing about them was the deep (but sometimes muddy) bass. They RIP since this spring.
So, after some reading around here I ended up with RE0. Nice IEMs, I really like them, but they lack bass. Even with some EQ they don't please me entirely. So I gave them to my girlfriend.
I also had the chance to try a FiiO E5 with both. CX300 seemed to have a better sound stage and overall better sound, but the RE0 were almost the same. (sadly I lost the pretty amp).
So now I'm looking for something that has the goods of both worlds: some RE0 with deeper bass. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write them here.
Happy holidays! 
PS: RE0's tips are quite bad when it comes to fitting them onto the IEMs. Just before giving them away I lost one of the double flanged big tips.
Later edit: Right now I have an old iriver T10 which is going to be changed, but that's another story. 
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i would say: Phonak Audeo perfect bass (the good thing is: you can change the sound with several filters)

I second that. I have the Phonak Perfect Bass and I think they will suit you very well.
They are also extremely small, light & comfortable to wear. The all black color looks nice too. 
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PFE Perfect Bass is a good choice for bass, though might come out as slightly dark compared to RE0. MY recommendation is ECCI PR401. It has a slightly V shaped sound so you get a good bass and treble at the same time.
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I am using TX400 (with build-in filter) with RE0 most of the time. TX400 gives just a touch of warm to the overall sound which is better balanced than silicone eartip and T400. It is still quite a lot more analytical the the PFE Perfect Bass (which is a bit dark actually in comparison) and more refined than PR401. I still prefer RE0 with TX400 over PFE-PB (but it is close) and PR401 (which lacks the top resolution to compete with RE0 and PFE-PB). However PR401 is really much fun to listen than the other two.

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