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Looking for new IEMs for my dad 70$ish price range

  1. JoshR
    Hey Guys,I'm looking for some new IEMs for my dad. He like bass head IEMs.  The last two pair he really liked was the Sony MDR-EX310, and the MDR-XB40EX. The XB40s were his absolute favorite. Durability is a + because he uses them for working out mostly. So i would love to hear what you guys have to say.
  2. AstroTurf
    Good for You !!!
    Lookin out for Dad... Bravo.
    If he likes Sony, Why not the XBA-3.
    Good Luck, Jim
  3. JoshR
    The XBA 3 seems a little expensive. What are your opinions over the mdr ex210
  4. AstroTurf
    Ah a price point... Gotta luv the edit button !!!
    Sounds like Pops is a Sony Guy.
    Soes hows bout some Sony XBA-1. About 50 bucks.
    He'll thank you for em. And put you back in the will too!
  5. tinyman392
    Look towards ThinkSound's lower-tier IEMs or even the UE500 for a bass-head IEM for that price range.  Both do fairly well.  Also talked about on this forum a lot are Hippo VBs, MEE SP51s.  If you can find a Future Sonics for that price (might be a bit tough), they are always a bass-head IEM.  Good luck.  

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