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Looking for new IEM | Wooduo 2 / R-50 / B2 - Advice? Suggestions? Thoughts? Help?

  1. Fuzaken
    So I'm new to head-fi after lurking around the forums many times. I'm a student and looking for a new IEM, I currently use Shure SE215s which a bought about a year or so ago and I'm just looking for something with a different sound signature(grown tired of the same sound [​IMG]). So from what I've done a bit of research, and I like the impressions I'm getting from many reviews on all three of the IEMs listed above, Wooduo 2, R-50 and the B2. What I'm mostly keen on is the more analytical or less 'warm' sounding characteristics on the two BAs, but I've read that the Wooduo 2 is also close to the same clarity, separation and a very large sound stage, whilst maintaining rather controlled and powerful bass. 

    So I'd just like to ask for some advice on which I should choose, given that my listen preferences are mostly JRock, with the occasional dubstep, rnb, and house. For a reference point on the bass, with some small adjustments to the EQ on my player (Nexus S, Voodoo, Poweramp, Cyanogen mod | no amp because I'd like to keep it all in one pocket) the bass on my Shures is more or less adequate. And as the Shures are around the ear, I've grown quite fond of their ability to stay in my ears as I run and such, so if possible a pair that doesn't have a tendency to slip easily.

    So to sum it all up:
    1. Different sound signature from SE215 (less warm/more analytical)
    2. Good to excellent separation
    3. Decent soundstage
    4. Relatively balanced, not too fussed as long as most frequencies are presented clearly and forward enough to be able to hear them without much effort
    5. Around the same price range (~$120-$150)
    6. Stays in
    7. Durable as long as I don't treat them like trash (probably won't be purchasing another pair for a while)

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated, thanks! [​IMG]

    Also, I'm going to be visiting Japan for a short period, so please suggest any IEMs that are exclusively sold in or easy to find in Japan and fit the criteria. (I can probably spend more than the budget listed above, sacrificing other purchases [​IMG])
  2. Techno Kid
    I think from what you've described that the R-50 would be a great choice.  I haven't heard the Wooduo but I would imagine that the R-50 is more analytical and they do have a very good soundstage along with good separation and imaging.  I like the R-50 more than the B2 because it has a bit more bass and I think the soundstage is also a little better, so that's suggestion as if it would have been anything else :wink:
  3. Swimsonny
    Wooduo 2 which is bass heavy vs the other two in clarity and analytical. It's an obvious choice. R-50 or DBA.
  4. Fuzaken
    Hmm... Yeah I was at one point quite sure on the r-50s but I'm rather wary of the lower end since they are BAs.... Have you auditioned the SE215s before? How does the lower end of the r-50 compare with the shures? I am a slight bass head so I'd like the lower end to be near as much quantity as the shures but of better quality... Does the r-50 still seem like the answer?
  5. Swimsonny
    Not heard shures but although its a soft bass, the UE700 has more bass than the othe r-50 and DBA-02. It's smoother as well and also uses the same driver. Look at my round up thread in my signature.
  6. Techno Kid
    Yeah if you want more bass the UE700 would work but if you EQ the bass on the R-50 up they have really good impact imo or if you have an amp like the E11 or E6 which is $25 they bass sound very nice.  Other than the Bass the UE700 isn't as resolving as the R-50 so I think its a better choice.  I have heard the SE215 and with the bass on the R-50 EQ'ed or amp'ed they compare very well next to the SE215.
  7. mechgamer123
    The Wooduo 2 and B2 are such different animals, it would be incorrect to even remotely categorize them similarly. If you want something analytical, go with the B2/R-50.
    The Wooduo is in no way balanced or "analytical." The bass and treble dominate the sound spectrum, while making the mids recessed. They have more bass volume, slam, and everything else than the EPH-100 I owned previously, which had a 12dB bass boost, so you get the idea how much bass these things have
    The B2 will have MUCH more clarity and technical ability than the wooduos. Though to me the B2s lack bass, and the woodies have too much. The B2s do have a treble spike in the 10khz region which can be bothersome if you listen at louder levels (By loud I mean above 85dB or so...) Vocals on the Wooduos sound a bit off to me, and there's a treble spike somewhere above 10khz on those that makes them sound shrill at times. Basically, I don't really like either so I'm selling them both...
  8. cyberalpha11
    In term of sound stage and instruments/vocal separation, which is better?

    Hisound Wooduo 2 or Shure SE215?

    And for mid, how bad is the Wooduo 2 comparing to SE215?
  9. mechgamer123
    Without ever hearing the shures, I can almost guarantee you they would be better. The wooduo is pretty bad with vocals and separation IMO.

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