Looking for new earphones - loved the Xiaomi Hybrid IEMs
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Jan 15, 2019
I made this account a long time ago, but I guess I never posted (thought i did). So I don't have privilege in the more topic specific forums.

So I've been looking at buying some new earbuds. Of all the earphones I've owned, my favorite are the Xiaomi Hybrid IEM: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/xiaomi-hybrid-iem-thread-piston-successor.786589/

Granted, I've not owned any earphones that were > $40. But now, I'm looking for something more expensive, but preferably less than $300. I love the sound signature of the Xiaomi (which is meant to be V shaped). What do you think would be a good choice?

I've been looking at moondrop and sennheiser. I have no idea what to get, but I want something with a similar signature to the Xiaomi. I want wired, not wireless, and it doesn't need a mic; I'm only listening to music with these earphones. I listen to DnB and house music the most, so I like good bass and treble.
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I haven't heard the xioami hybrid. Using the Aful Explorer and I like the bass,the treble is not very elevated though. Celest Relentless has a Vshaped sound signature, I think you should check those out.

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