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Looking for most comfortable closed headphones around 300. Already tried DT 770s, pads were a little too stiff.

  1. lBooker
    Hey guys, I am looking for the most comfortable headphones that are around $300. After researching, I tried the DT 770s and ended up returning them. I felt like the pads were a little too stiff and would probably have benefited from using memory foam instead. So now I am on the hunt again. Here are some requirements:
    -Comfort is BY FAR the most important, some days I will be wearing them for nearly the entire day. So soft pads and low clamping force. I am willing to sacrifice some sound quality for comfort.
    -No leather pads as they get warm. So velour or whatever else there is out there.
    -Closed back
    -Around 300 and needs to ship to Canada.
    -Ideally a removable cable that is shorter (<150cm) and not super thick.
    Thanks for the help
  2. EagleWings
    Sony MDR-1A
  3. devilmonk
    I have the Beyerdynamic dt990s. I think its the same pad, but in my opinion is very comfortable. Not sure how you thought it was stiff...
    I would suggest either Sennheiser HD598 or Sennheiser momentum v2. Both are very comfortable. The momentums you can test out at any best buy / headphone store. 
  4. Firun
    The Momentum 2 are pretty comfortable, yes. However, for me, the headband is slightly uncomfortable because it feels hard due to it not having a lot of padding. However, my hair is pretty short. The earpads are fantastic, though, and I can wear them for hours without discomfort despite wearing glasses. They are leather though, but I don't feel like they get warm.
  5. lBooker
    None of these suggestions match my requirements of no leather pads and closed back.
  6. lBooker
    From what I hear, the DT 770 pads are a little stiffer to avoid sound leakage which obviously doesn't matter for the open DT 880 and 990.
  7. MadRoad
    I use the Master & Dynamic MH-40's for work. They are a little out of the range at $400, but I enjoy them. They are about 34 ohms on the impedance which matched well with DAPs, mobile devices, & computers and they have leather ear cups. I haven't had experience with the DT880 closed backs, but I own the 600 ohm DT990 semi-open backs and right now they are my favorite headphone, ... Within my limited budget. Sounds like we have that in common. Steve Guttenberg at CNet gave the DT880's good reviews, but again cloth ear cups, which sounds like you are ware of. Good luck on your search sir.

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