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Looking for low impedance (less than 8 ohm) earbuds for my Sansa Clip

  1. tbodine88
    When I use low impedance phones I can use it on my motocycle and at the skating rink. High impedance phones will not overpower the cycle or the music at the rink.
    A search on google for 4 ohm doesn't produce a list of low impedance phones. I need human help.
  2. MIke M
    Sounds like you are using earbuds. If you are wanting to listen in noisy environments, you  should probably look into IEM's that are going to give you better isolation. If you value your hearing, turning up the volume to cover everything else isn't the answer.
  3. tbodine88
    But I'm cheap.
    So I find Rosewill R-Studio E-860 IEM's at 18 ohms for 14.99 at new-egg which say they deliver 109 db into 18 ohms, maybe that will work.
    Rosewill R-Studio E-860Rosewill R-Studio E-860Rosewill R-Studio E-860
    Since the Sansa has a 5volt supply maybe, I just figure the lower the impedance the better response. The problem is I listen to books on tape on which some readers read quieter than others. On those long bike rides or skate trips, this is discouraging.
    Any other brands I should look at?
  4. MIke M
    I don't know enough about all the different iem's to make you a recomendation but I have seen all kinds of them at Walmart for cheap. I do think you'd benefit with the isolation
  5. callanish
    With the clip, My recommendation would be to put the rockbox firmware on the clip and get a pair of soundmagic e80's with the included comply foams and adjust the rockbox settings. I know you said cheap, but don't settle for that cheap. Even though the e80's are 64 ohms, the rockbox firmware can allow you to drive higher impedance headphones without sacrificing sound quality or have volume limitations ( I've ran a rockbox clip with a very hard to drive pair of yuin pk1's without volume issues) and the e80's are just a brilliant pair of budget friendly iem's. I guarantee you a rockbox Sansa Clip with the right tips and tweaked settings used with the e80's will not disappoint when it comes to sound quality and the ability to drive them. I wouldn't steer you to anything as cheap as you are talking about when I know the kind of quality you can get out of a $50 to $60 pair of iem's with the clip and the rockbox firmware.If your budget doesn't stretch that far, then try the soundmagic e10's at $35. Still an excellent budget pair of IEM's also in my opinion.
  6. b1e1n1ni
    Sony xba-4 @ 8 ohm
  7. tbodine88
    Sony Xba-4 $269 ouch! But thanks for that.
    I've settled on JVC HA-FR55 which at 16 0hms manages to deliver 103db at 1v rms input. price $9.00 at walmart
    Tested it yesterday and was able to understand a Librevox audio book
    ( https://librivox.org/the-adventures-of-jimmie-dale-by-frank-l-packard/ ) while riding the motorcycle

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