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Looking for Loud, Wireless Earbuds with BASS

  1. anthonybusc
    Hey all, this is my first post....I currently have the V-Moda Zn's and I love them. Great sound, perfect fit, loud and bass is tremendous. I listen to House Music pretty much 95% of the time and it's always in the gym. The wire bothers me now that there are so many wireless options, so I've been looking for a new pair.

    Recently I've purchased and returning a bunch of wireless buds and I cannot find what i'm looking for in the sound quality and more importantly, not loud enough.

    I tried the Bose Truly Wireless Sound Sport, Jaybird Tarah Pro, Beats 3, V-Moda Bass Fit, Dynamic Master M07 and none of these impressed me that much. I don't mind spending for great quality. If i can find something thats as good as the Zn in terms of fit, loudness and bass, ill pay whatever i have to. I don't need truly wireless either. I was about to purchase the new Seinheisser Momentum buds but i think Im setting myself up for another let down.

    If anyone knows what Im looking for, let me know! Ill be searching around this forum :)
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  2. gemNeye
  3. anthonybusc
    i tried them, they are terrible. cheap plastic, sounds sucks, not loud at all. Very unlike V-Moda. I voiced my displeasure to them as well.
  4. gemNeye
    That's unfortunate. I can't really recommend anything personally. However, if you can find some JVC XX earphones, they're supposed to be decent in what they offer. Bass is sort of their forte in the mainstream offerings.

    Something like these ---> http://www.us.jvc.com/headphones/in_ear/ha_xc70bt/

    Depending where you live, you might have to buy them from a Japanese JVC dealer. I'm not sure they're widely available at the moment.

    Also be careful about purchasing any JVC products on eBay or non-authorized dealers because apparently there are a lot of knock-off JVC gear floating around out there. So long as it's an authorized dealer, you should be fine.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance. For what it's worth there is a 329 page True Wireless thread you can read through that might help in your search?


    Good luck!
  5. Clear Tune Monitors
    Hi! The new AS-7 Universal fit model from CTM will provide the low end and sub bass you're looking for. They feature 3 interchangeable filters to increase or reduce hi and low end response. Combine it with our Bluetooth cable and your set!
    Best Regards,
    CTM Team
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  6. anthonybusc
    Thanks! Those JVC's look nice, i just dont know where to get them. Id rather wait till they are on Amazon so i can return them if im disappointed
  7. anthonybusc
    Those looks awesome, but for $1200 i need to know what the return policy is if i dont like them
  8. harry501501
    I did like the BASS on the Bose SoundSport BT but it was poor for upper mids and treble. If you do find a good pair get back to me :)

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