Looking for JMT/App/any portable headphone amplifier
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New Head-Fier
Feb 29, 2008
Hi Im only new here can somebody give me a good advice if where I can buy a good portable headphone amplifier that can drive the HD650 and AKG at the price of less than 200$.

One of the important features I need is it should be user battery frendly meaning it is powered by ordinary batteries like 9V, 3AA, 2AA and etc. Its not practical for me to use an amplifier powered by Ion lithium battery that is hardwired into the circuit board, because once it dried out(as all rechargeble batteries). It will be very hard for me to purchase it here in the Phillipines.

Im looking for the qualities of Emmeline SR-71 but this is very expensive and out of my budget. I have read at some forums about the JMT pimeta or PPA amplifier are they good amplifier? How much are they? Where can I buy them? and what are the specs?

Please help me Im really interested on buying those amplifiers.

By the way at this time I purchased a Total Air head and ATH AD900. Is it a good match?

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