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Looking for IEMs with deep and punchy Bass

  1. talkinghead
    I'm curently using Creative EP 830 and i like the strong bass they have, but obviously they somewhat lack in details.
    I've spent some time looking for better IEMs with a similar sound signature, and have come up with 3 up to now:
    Fischer Audio Eterna
    Klipsch S4
    Panasonic RP HJE900
    I mostly listen to dark psychedelic trance, which has lots of very deep and strong bass, and it's just the most fun to listen to when the bass has good punch.
    So I'm looking for some more advice on the quality of these 3 IEMs, and maybe other suggestions. (Note: I live in Germany, so please don't recommend exotic brands you can only get in the US :wink:)
    Edit: Since the genre i listen to is pretty unkown, here's a free compilation so you can see what i mean about the bass: http://www.ektoplazm.com/2007/subatomic-evil

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