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Looking for IEMs that can be either wired, or adapt to BT

  1. Mindspin311
    Just moved to Shanghai for a work program and I am now taking the train to work every day. So music is pretty much required.

    I just recently bought a pair of NuForce EDC from Massdrop, but promptly left them on the plane. I didn't get much time with them, but my initial observations were that they sounded great, except it was lacking some bass. Part of that may have been the tips I was using, I never got a chance to experiment to see which of the provided tips produced the best sound.

    Anyways, need something new.This time I am wanting to get something that has a detachable cable so I can, in theory, switch between a wired or BT connection. The idea would be to grab a separate BT cable. I use a Pixel 2, and the USB-C adapter thing is just a PITA. So using BT would be that much more convenient.

    Price range, around $100. Sound signature I prefer is warm, maybe v shaped, dunno. Like I said before, the EDC sounded great, but the bass lacked unless I really cranked the volume, but I only got to use them for a few hours. Mainly listen to rock of all genres and some electronic like Daft Punk, Justice, etc.
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  2. yong_shun
    You can consider SOUL Run Free Pro HD. It used knowles balanced armature driver which provides pretty good details while the bass is not compromised. Fitting might be a problem...
  3. Hoodini
    I would recommend getting two mmcx in ears, one with a bluetooth cable (the macaw TX-80 is great value), and one wired one. That way you can swap the mmcx cable when you watn wired/bluetooth, and you have backup/workout (the TX-80s are sweatproof) iems. Buying the macaws would set you back about $30, leaving you with $70 to find good wired in ears purely for the sound. Sorry to reccomend macaws again, but the GT600s are metal, sound nice and have interchangeable filters to change the sound to your liking.
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  4. Mindspin311
    So I just came across the iBasso IT01. Seems it has a TON of positive reviews. Of which, they all commend the IEMs for its great bass. The price is right at $100 on the dot. Also looks like Mee makes a very good MMCX BT cable. I may have to up my budget....
  5. trellus
    +1 on using MMCX BT cable as a solution, I use KZ ZS5 + a KZ 2-pin BT cable from AliExpress; I also have an MMCX BT cable from the same manufacturer (PIZEN) I've used with my Monoprice Monolith M300 In-Ear Planars... flexibility is great.
  6. Mindspin311
    So, bit of a dilemma...

    I like the idea of the MMCX cable for commuting purposes, no wires, no hassle. But I also want to use the IEMs when I get to work. I really don't want to have to switch back to the regular cable. So, would it be better to maybe consider one of those Bluetooth amps like the Fiio BTR1, EarStudio ES100, or Bluewave GET? That way I can plug in to my computer when I get to the office.
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  7. trellus
    Yes, if you plan to frequently switch back and forth, that’s not a great idea with MMCX, so you’re better off getting a BT receiver. I have a few, an Elecom I really like because it has slider switch for power (so it’s all but impossible to turn on accidentally and kill the battery), a Sound Blaster E3, and a cheap one from Amazon with a clip, I’d definitely look into the EarStudio ES100.

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