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Looking for Headset for Specific Needs

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sindorius, Aug 30, 2011.
  1. Sindorius
    Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue trying to find a headset that fits the following specific needs:
    1. Noise-isolating/cancelling....headset is needed for someone who works with a lot of loud machinery and wants as much of it blocked out as possible. 
    2. A decent microphone that can cancel out ambient noise fairly well (do all "invisible" microphones suck? He's had a few and they simply do not perform well)
    3. Bluetooth Wireless. Be able to connect it to iPod/phone easily enough. Battery life is nice but not extremely important.
    I've tried finding him a few different headsets but none of them seem to do the trick with "invisible" microphones and without any real noise-cancelling abilities. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  2. Mad Max
    Found one.
    Sennheiser MM450/550 if you want to spend a lot, lol.
  3. Sindorius
    Yeah the only one I saw that seemed to fit my specifications exactly was the Sennehiser MM 550. $450 isn't a ridiculous amount to spend for such a heavy duty headset though. There was another one by Sennheiser that was a little more that was part of like the PX series, but it was a little overkill. The only problem with that Sennheiser is it has that "invisible" microphone and unless I can verify that it still is a quality microphone with ambient noise cancellation then it's still missing an important part of what I need in a headset. I'm thinking Aviation headsets are a good match for what I'm looking for, but the bluetooth component seems to be a rarity for well-justified reasons.

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