Looking for Headphones with WARM sound and ROLLED OFF TREBLE(over ear open or closed-back, and also on-ear)

  1. Jimmy Gazelle
    Hey Head-fiers,

    I am currently looking for headphones with a warm, laid back and smooth sound signature. Preferably rolled off treble.
    Over ear (both open oir closed-back, and even on-ear).
    Any recommendations?

    Thank you
  2. cossix
    If you have gear for it, the HD6xx or 650 would suit you! What budget do you have? The HD598 is also somewhat relaxing but not as much
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  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Sennheiser HD650 or HD6XX.

    Or an old, pre-Fazor driver Audezee LCD-2.
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  4. Monsterzero
    Depending upon budget,and amping......
    Audioquest Nighthawk
    ZMF Blackwoods
    ZMF Eikon
    ZMF Atticus
    Audeze LCD-2 pre fazor
    Sennheiser HD600
    Sennheiser HD650
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  5. buke9
    A very good list to check out but don’t agree with Eikons being laid back the Atticus maybe .
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  6. Jimmy Gazelle
  7. Jimmy Gazelle
    Hey Protege Manian, thank your for the reply!
    Seems like many people suggest the Sennheisers HD600 and HD650 for what I am looking for. What would be the minimal device I would need to drive? Or that it makes sense to buy it?
  8. Jimmy Gazelle
    Hey monsterzero, thanks for replying!
    Sounds like a very nice list! Due to being a student, ZMF and Audeze unfortunately have to wait...:)
    But again, the two Sennheisers! Seems what I am looking for!
  9. marcussmj
    Will second the ZMF Atticus for a laid back sounding closed back.
  10. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Schiit Modi2 and Meier Jazz FF or Schiit Vali2. Just note that the Vali2 has a tendency for tube noise, some microphonic (ie some vibrations somehow make it to the tube, even without speakers throwing sound around the room, ex a computer with fans running on the same desk).

    You can do with cheaper and mostly less powerful amps but the tendency for many is they either sound sharper when pushed (O2 - although this is still a good benchmark; also Magni1/2) or they color the sound outright (Little Dot Mk2).
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  11. Jimmy Gazelle
    after considering the input I got and follow up research, I think I might check out the Audioquest Nighthawk. the hd 650 will have to wait till my gear justifies and suits its needs.
    Anyone that has been listening to it?
    I know its a semi-open headphone, but it seems like its gonna be more closed than open. does it have that typical closed-back completely vacuum sealed feel to it? i do not particulalry enjoy that in all honesty.
    from what I read about it, it must be a reay warm, almost darkish sound with recessed treble.
  12. Jimmy Gazelle
    Hey Monsterzero,
    upon you recommendation list I got myself an Audioquest Nighthawk. So far, I am really satisfied. So smooth. Very warm. No sibilance or any annoying (to me) piercing treble.
    Thank you for bringing the headphine to my attention!
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  13. Monsterzero
    Happy to help!
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  14. Jimmy Gazelle
    in case anyone is interested about a quick first impression about the HD650 vs the AudioQuest Nighthawk by a newcomer to the game.
    I have been listening to the Nighthawk for about two weeks now. I specifically got it after a recommendation i received in this thread and was very pleased with the sound. I am very sensitive to treble and was looking fr something like the nighthawk. Unfortunately the semi-closed back design, which is more like a closed-back design to me, kinda hurt my ears.
    Now I got the HD650 after another recommendation made in this thread. I read alot of peoiple describing it as quite a warm can as well. I have not heard alot of headphones, but I doesn´t sound warm to me. Unfortunately. It sounds pretty precise and clear to me. Maybe I am just used to the Nighthawk by now, haha.
    Does anyone have a good suggestion for an amp that would make the hd650 bring out all his potential (make it sound wamr :))?
    On another note, is there something like the Nighthawk but fully open? I know many would probably now mention the hd650. but anything even moe warm?
    thank you alot

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