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Looking for headphones with angled drivers

  1. Nada190
    What are some headphones with angled drivers? I want to try them and see how they sound because regular headphones sounds like everything is coming from the top sort of, not sure how to describe it but the purpose of angled drivers is to make it sound more natural, like stereo speakers in front of you right?
    Anyways what are some good headphones with angled drivers? Only two I am aware of are the HD800 and Beyer T1's and I can't justify paying that much for a pair of headphones. 
    Can  you guys keep it under $500? 
  2. Filter500
    Sennheiser HD 558  (and other 500s I assume)
  3. IBIubbleTea
    The AKG K712 Pros should be better good, though most recommend using a amp for those headphones.
    If you haven't already, you should really check out this tread. It is a headphone gaming guide with reviews.
  4. Nada190
    Wait those are angled??? I've been wanting to buy these since last year, I just haven't got to them because I wanted to upgrade my amp/dac first. 
    OH GOD, I might need to buy them NOW!
  5. IBIubbleTea

    Edit... The k612 do not have angled pads
    Don't question me, it makes me unsure now... And you know what, I am unsure and might be wrong. Sorry. I think the K702, K/Q701 and maybe the K612 Pros are angled. according to this review.

  6. Dragonzeanse
    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Sony MDR-MA900.
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  7. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    1. Angled Earpads - the AKG x7xx headphones, also the LCD-2 (and later versions) and the VTX version of the HM5, all come with earpads that are thicker towards the rear (behind the earlobes). While the driver mounts themselves aren't angled, these effectively angle the drivers relative to the ears. As for actual angled driver mounts, off the bat, there's the Beyerdynamic T1, Sennheiser HD800, and the Sony that looks like it inspired the HD800. For extreme angles, there's the AKG K1000.
    2. The real problem: driver position relative to the ears. The real problem with headphones vs speakers, aside from each ear not hearing the driver on the other side, is the direct path of the driver into the ear canals - if you set up speakers to the same angle directly to your left and right the treble will be harsher and the imaging will also be problematic. Angled mounts don't just mimic the toe-in on speakers, but also avoid this problem by not having the driver directly firing into the ear canal. With headphones that do not have angled mounts or earpads, this effect can be replicated by wearing them in such a way that you avoid having the drivers directly over the ear canals by wearing them slightly forward of what conventional wisdom tends to dictate. With Grados for example instead of having the rear sides of the earpads slightly past the earlobes, move them forward so the rear sides fall short of the earlobes.
    My own procedure with the HD600 is to put them on "normally," then push them forward so the earlobes rest on the rear side of the earpads, somewhat folded forward (not to the point of discomfort). This is enough to significantly reduce the harsh treble as well as sufficiently correct (on the Sennheisers, but less so with the Grados; although they have less of it to begin with) the trident-shaped soundstage of conventional headphone listening, with a strong L-C-R and recessed imaging between L-C and C-R. You can try this now for free with any headphone that you currently have.
  8. MrTechAgent
    Not always necessary , there are some options like the 598s and ma900s , some of the above headphones are just having angled pads , these two have angled baffles 
    I would not suggest the ma900s , unless you like shouty vocals , grainy treble and loose bass , not ot mention rolled off sub-bass , the 598s aren't any good either , they have problems with rattling , the rattling can be eliminated by having a low OI amp but that's too much work and money , just get normal headphones 
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  9. MrEleventy
    Sony MDR-SA1000/3000/5000 ?
  10. Nada190
    I tried putting my AKG K240's further back but I didn't notice anything different. That AKG K1000 looks ridiculous. 
  11. Nada190
    Would anyone recommend the Philips X1?
  12. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Ah, yes, those.
    YMMV I suppose; it works well enough on Grados though.
    AKG actually calls them "earspeakers" - instead of how Stax for example just put the Lambdas against the listener's cheeks like every other headphone, AKG decided to go all-in on the toe-in and natural crossfeed. Imagins is holographic however, but you need an absolutely silent room to realy enjoy it. Run so much as an A/C (that isn't a split inverter, or a centralized ventilation system) in the same room and you already lose a lot of bass.
    The only thing more ridiculous than the K1000's looks is this guy on YouTube who uses a K1000, splurges on his other equipment, put his preamplifier on a Spider anti-vibration rack while his CD transport is on his Ikea desk, and then wrapped everything in ERS paper. He opened up his electronics and wrapped ERS paper over the PCB (instead of just the outside; or just copper-plating every chassis), wrapped ERS paper on every solder point, every cable plug and socket including the power plug and the wall outlet. I think he secrety wants to be a Darwin Award recipient, and the first audiophile at that.
    As for that second place spot thought it's pretty much a toss-up between the AKG K1000 and the Jecklin Float. Of course, if you're listening at home, there's no one to see you wearing either unless you take a selfie for Head-Fi.
  13. passionforroxk
    Beyerdynamic t5p has the same angled driver as the t1 I believe, well no the same driver but they both angled.
    I think you can find a good condition second hand one around 600 bucks since people don't value the t5p, a portable phone, as much as t1, a studio phone, even though their market retail price are similar. As I agree with you that it is not really justifable for paying 1000 bucks for t5p, but I do believe t5p worth 600 bucks for it's looks and sound quality.
  14. Rhamnetin
    Audio Technica ATH-AD900X and A900X.

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