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Looking for headphones around 1000 USd

  1. TheJudge1
    So I'm looking for some headphones around 1000usd like the title says. Currently I own Campfire Audio Vega's and am looking for some over ears that compliment them.

    I listen to pretty much everything but lately I listen to a lot of modern female vocal heavy pop (Meg Meyers, Melanie Martinez, Marina and the Diamonds) and modern rock (Paramore, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dead Sara). Also I listen to jazz, classical and singer songwriter stuff (think Jack Johnson).

    I'm looking for something that's more musical but also resolving and detailed. I enjoy the intimacy of the Vegas and how they draw you into music. They are a bit base heavy, which I enjoy on a lot of my music but it can get a bit overwhelming at times, especially in some jazz pieces and acoustic tracks. So, I want something that has a similar realism (if not better) and musicality but maybe not as warm (I assume the Vegas are warm but I'm really awful at determining sound signatures).

    Also, I own a Chord Mojo which would be nice to use, so I don't have to buy another amp but I am willing to if I must.
    Someone recently recommended the ZMF Eikons but the opinions I found were slightly conflicting and confusing. Also I've heard good things about the Focal Elear's (of course) but now I'm not sure of they will suit my needs.

    Also, I get I should go try pairs out but I live in a small town in the mountains and the nearest audio shop where I can try cans out is about 350 miles, so its not really practical for me to go there.

    Thanks for the help in advance.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017

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