looking for headphone amp
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Mar 3, 2006
i am really new and was wondering how much a headphone amp would cost. it would need to fit into an altoids container or a hummond and some diy is obvious. i will be listening to mostly rock and movies. i dont know how much they cost or where to buy the cables. is there a special headphone jack on your mp3 that you need? i have a creative muvo2 fm. any links or advice would be appreciated.
in a couple of weeks i will be getting a v43. this is a much better player and i will put all my 500kbs ogg files on it to listen to through my er6i's. i would like an amp that can be changed from one to another (so they are both compatable players for the amp).

what i am thinking about doing: http://www5.head-fi.org/forums/showt...ighlight=beast

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