Looking for good pmp to pair with Customart Music One's
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Nov 8, 2010
I ordered a pair of custom art music one's (about a month back afaik & still waiting :frowning2:) and I've been perusing for a good pmp to pair with my fancy new cans. I would like to spend less than $500 (prefer ~$200), but am willing to spend more if it's worth it.
I prefer Flac, and listen to a broad range of music. Recently a lot of Jazz, classical, electronic (dub, triphop, trance)
I was looking into a Sony MZ-RH1 minidisc recorder for a while (they look beautiful & I prefer analoguesque hardware). But I think I've decided against that just because of the price for what's becoming retro-hardware. Also I don't much care for buying things off ebay & would rather get one from a user around here or somethinrg.
If there are any other suggestions to a good analoguesque player I would be happy to hear about it (think lp player in my pocket :)... hehe)
I prefer something that is lightweight, has good battery life, and a decent UI. I was thinking the ideal solution would be a Fiio X1 atm, and was wondering why I should fork over the extra benjamin for an X3 (or just buy one used).
I don't think I should need an amp for the custom art music one's; but if anyone has a recommendation into a complete stack, I would be happy to hear about it.

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