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Looking for good in-ear monitors from 100-160 euro

  1. Stfr1908
    Hello there,
    I am looking for new In-ear monitors. I will use the in ears alot. Noise cancelling is not the most important requirement. The genres of music that I listen are: House, Trance, Hardstyle, Hardcore and Hiphop. Before I had the urBeats but they are from bad quality and had an overkill of bass.

    * Clarity sound (most important)
    * Good bass (very important)
    * Good build quality
    * Price category 100 till 160 euro.
    I have done some market research and I have two models in mind:

    * Bose Soundtrue Ultra
    * Pioneer multimedia SE-CX8 

     If there are other IEM's that meet my wishes let me know. So which in ear monitors can you recommend me?

  2. Brooko Contributor
    Trinity Delta
    DUNU DN-1000
    DUNU Titan 5
  3. Stfr1908
    Thanks for your tips. Unfortunately  they don't sell those brands in Holland. And I am not going to buy from another continent because that is difficult when there is a defect.
  4. NaiveSound
    I am in the same situation

    I need IEMs with sound quality to be number 1 concern, 200 limit

    I need

    Sound quality = great/amazing/truly impressive
    Build= I will be gentle anyways build is not very important

    No need more mic/ mobile controls
    Bass= nothing crazy just normal, balance

    Looking to spend no more then 200$

    Most important is sound quality, cleanclean, sharp,balanced,real sound

    Thinking about xba h1 or shure se215 or any bose in ear
  5. Stfr1908
    I think I will go for the RHA MA750I. I have read very positive reviews about that one but difficult choice with so many on the market
  6. NaiveSound
    I wish I could go somewhere to try these, I would love to, but best buy is my only source to try things, you know, I tried the bose in ears, they are cool, but not impressive, in not audiophile knowledgeable but I enjoyed them over the sub 100$ range, but I'm looking to spend between 150 and 250 now

    I really want something
    And black Friday deals are coming and would like to take advantage then,

    Any black Friday deals?

    Looking for a real, balanced, clear sharp sound, bass in not important to me

    I'm. Begging for help, the more I read the harder the choice comes

    I need some direction

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