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Nov 28, 2010
This is kind of an interest check at this point. Times have changed, I no longer need the IEM arsenal I have and I'm looking for a pair of sealed headphones for my son. 
I need fairly decent durability, he unfortunately  is not interested in the M50 I suggested. He listens to a lot of dubstep and electronic music, a solid but not overpowering lowend would be preferred. 
Interested in Sennheiser Momentums (But also the HD 600/650/700 for me) full size, AKG K545/550/551/553, Beyerdynamic DT770 32/80. Possibly something like the Vmoda but that's not my cup of tea.  
He'd prefer a detachable, with mic/audio controls, think large portable.
For sale/trade depending upon the deal:
JH13, reshelled by InEarz. Great, but I don't use them much, not freq phase. $400, new cable
TF10- reshelled by Kozee years ago, they pulled the mids a bit more forward, my workout phones. $150
Heir Tzar 90's, Reshelled by InEarz one of the best phones I've ever heard, fun, musical, lively, had to put in customs due to Heir's terrible connectors. $250
At least the ones I'm considering at this point:
Fischer DBA Mk2. Perfect, like new, box etc. Worth the price and I think they stopped selling these: $175 no lowballs, absolutely worth that price.
Audeo 121's white, like new, just bought because of clearance prices, $75
Earsonic SM1- great little dual armature earphone, complete $150
I've got other stuff kicking around if interested, Beyer DT1350's,  Sunrise Audio Xcape IE, Hisoundaudio crystals, Allesandro MS1's etc.
Soft sale, if no serious inquiries I'll close the sale. Paypal, shipping/fees to be discussed. Thanks for looking
P.S. I'm pretty busy over the next month, shipping may be slow.
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Jan 27, 2013
Not really interested in purchasing, but I can sell you my k553 at a competitive price if its for your son. well be at least 2 weeks though as I am still working on a review on that item and will probably need a few weekends to really get a chance to test it out. offer open while you explore other options, so just PM me after if you are still interested!
cheers :)
edit: only mentioned since you had the k553 on your list. for a closed portable, I would actually recommend other options. something like the pm-3 or nad hp50 or k545 are my personal favorites in that category. I also have an el-8 closed and alpha prime that I will be selling just fyi though would not be my first recommendations as a portable closed or from a price:performance standpoint.
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