Looking for general use headphones with high portability around $400
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Nov 6, 2008
Hi there,
So I'm on the market for some new headphones after my SE425 sadly stopped working. I previously owned both them and the ATH-AD700 (Both of which I absolutely loved).
My listening range is quite broad, so I'm looking for relatively 'neutral' phones, though I'm leaning towards something more V-Shaped.
To help you help me, I'll clarify on the intended uses:
First of all, the least important ones -
1. Movies and TV - Nothing special required here. I do like to really 'get into' my movies, so a broad soundstage and some bass would be nice.
2. Gaming - I don't play tons of FPS, but I do always play with TeamSpeak (LoL, Diablo, etc.), if that changes anything (emphasis on mid? sound separation? I honestly don't know)
Secondly, music - I listen to a lot of genres, but I'll try to list the main ones with some examples, I'll also try to order them by rarity.
1. Metal - mainly symphonic (Nightwish) and power (Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Sonata Arctica), though also progressive (Dream Theater) and oriental (Orphaned Land, although their genre isn't quite defined)
2. Rock - mainly classic (Led Zeppelin, Queen, Beatles, etc.), but also hard rock (Guns, I guess), punk (Flogging Molly) and what would probably be defined as post-rock (Hammock, GiaA)
3. Electronic - Psychedelic (Infected Mushroom), Prodigy (Who's genre I, again, can't quite define)
4. Pop - Everything you would imagine, mainly through youtube and no high quality sources here.
I obviously forgot some things here, but I hope the general idea is clear.
Other than pop, I mainly hold high-quality mp3s (320kbps), might go for more if I feel that's needed.
So, things that are really important to me -
Great trebles and bass, for all the symphonic and electronic stuff. Mids are important, but less.
The widest sound-stage possible. This is probably the most important thing I feel I need, for both music and movies.
Portability and isolation - I'm spending most of my day either on the road or in the office, and even when I'm home I have roommates. So I need something I can take with me everywhere and with the least possible sound leakage. I know this goes against the sound-stage, but sadly this one is a must.
My budget is around the $350-400 mark, and I'll buy them in the US (although I'm not American, so this is a one-shot - I won't be able to easily send anything back). My main options right now are the Momentum 2 (wired) and the Shure SE535 (which I can probably get for 380$ @ md).
Source, at the moment, is my computer (No dedicated soundcard as far as I can tell, so whatever's embedded on the Intel HM87). Thinking about getting a FiiO X3ii in the near future, but that's a separate thread.
So.. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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Jun 23, 2011
We've not long had the Oppo PM-3 here (a review should be going up in the review section of our site today) and they are excellent at practically everything and can go anywhere.

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