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Looking for Desktop and Mobile Solutions

  1. HUGE AL

    Source: Mac Desktop — have FLAC files, some of which have been converted to ALAC via XLD as main library is in iTunes

    Considering KEF LS50 Wireless speakers, however, other have mentioned KEF LS50 Passives with a separate DAC and amp setup.

    Mobile Setup

    Source: iPhone X
    IEM: Shure SE846

    Considering Fiio Q5 as the Woo Audio portable DACs are big, heavy, and bulky (though it’s REALLY confusing when Jude says he thinks, “…this is the best…” to multiple devices). Looked at the iFi xDSD and Chord Mojo, but not keen on routing through an Apple CCK as it’s ANOTHER connection. Open to other options, but MUST BE VERY PORTABLE as I’m on planes A LOT. Most people appear to really dislike the Shure SHA900. If the KEF LS50 Wireless route is taken, the portable DAC will also be used with the desktop system as there is not jack on the KEFs.

    Also, how is Moon Audio’s replacement cable for the Shures?

    Appreciate everyone's thoughts.

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