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Looking for decent cans under $300(help wanted)

  1. cel4145
    Yes. Because they are 32 ohms, they still sound good on most portable devices. You just might want an amp for more volume and better dynamics because they are not very sensitive.
  2. milk
    I'm with Cel on this. The HE-400 should be perfect if sound leakage isn't an issue. It has really great bass and is very detailed. In your budget these will just about take the cake. There is actually a used pair on the forums here for $210, or you can pick them up at Razordogaudio as previously mentioned with the rebate which is an amazing deal!
  3. NoPlaceLikeOhm
    Yeah it seems these guys should be a bit easier to power than their big brothers.
    Any recommendations for amps down the line?
  4. cel4145
    Schiit Magni or Objective 2 (O2) would be good amps for the HE-400. Or you can spend more money :)
  5. Hapster
    Or just get a fiio e07k. It's a dac & amp in one. I got one for $70 on eBay brand new.
    For the Schiit Magni and Modi it'll be about $200 for the pair. 
    Or Schiit Vali and Loki for $270.
  6. monkeysixtysix
     HE-400 from Razordog for $250 and the Fiio would be a pretty killer combo for barely over $300...
  7. NoPlaceLikeOhm
    Nice. I'm already planning to get the X3.
    Maybe I'll look at a Schiit stack in the future.
  8. averageaudio
    Watch out, the Loki is a DSD dac, so unless all your music is DSD, I would recommend Modi.
  9. dabtpa
    I got my Beyerdynamic DT 990s (250 ohms) for $145 from Amazon and love them. Best phones I have. I also got AKG 702s  that aren't broken in yet for $189 (use The Find search engine to find the lowest cost on these). The build quality on the Beyers is better than the AKGs. I would have sent the AKGs back at a price point of $250 or more. Mine are real, but made in China. I don't know if 701s or 702s can be had that are made in Austria and I don't know if the quality is any different.
  10. jdg711
    I highly recommend the ZMF mod headphones. Check Zach's new site zmfheadphones.com.
    You couldn't go wrong with a ZMF basic at $229, or the ZMF Carbon Re-jack for $299.
    They perform best with a good amplifier.
    Warning: These will make you not like most other headphones!
  11. NoPlaceLikeOhm
    I believe the K701's are still made in Austria, while the K702 and Q701 are China.
    The build quality does seem super solid on the Beyers, which is good for me because I tend to be a bit rough with my toys.
    I'll consider them if I have to budget. $145 is a great deal.

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