Looking for DAP with wifi
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Dec 8, 2006
Looking for a new DAP (doesn't need to be HI-RES) and here are my ideal requirements:

- Have WIFI so I can play Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal etc
- Minimum 64 gb storage (either on board or via expandable)
- Be able to play FLAC
- Decent battery life - ideally 20+ hours playback

Does such a product exist? Maybe I should pick up a second hand HTC 10 smartphone or something.

If such a thing doesn't exist I may go for the Sony A45 walkman for music and carry on using my smartphone for Spotify.

Budget: maximum £200
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Go for small sony dap + smartphone

Or.find zx1,zx2 second hand
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Vivo nex s
Vivo xplay6
Lg v30,50
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Agree, LG V30/V30+ used.

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