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Mar 26, 2015
I am looking for a cheap DIY DAC kit. I am going to use it on my PC with Objective2 and Starvng Student amp.
Was looking on the ebay the other day, and I saw a lot of chinese DAC DIY kits like "kit 2496", but the problem is they only have coax or optical imputs. Since I dont have those jacks on my laptopt, are there any other solutions ?
This is the AMP I am talking about:
There is also a USB versions, but USB only support 16BIT/48K signal:
Do you guys have any expericanes with those dacs and is it possible to mod a "original 2496 kit" with USB port?
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Be very wary of Ebay Chinese DACs.  None come with power supplies.  The two you gave links for both need special transformers.  One of them needs two.  That will double the price of the DAC, perhaps triple it when you add in the required IEC inlet, wiring, and fuses.  Plus, you have to mess with mains wiring - that can KILL you - just to get a low-voltage solid-state DAC to even turn on.
I would look elsewhere.  You state you have an Objective 2 and a Starving Student for amps.  Maybe either of the makers of those amp kits might give you a clue of where you could find a suitable DAC. 


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