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Looking for confirmation about the good thing to do (i.c.: buying a Grado SR60i)

  1. sweex
    Hy I'm looking for advice about what Headphones to buy. I'm still studying so on a fairly limited budget.
    I was thinking to buy the Grado SR60i + amp, because if I'm not mistaken I will get more "bang" for my money by doing this than by buying let's say a 125I or 225i.
    As amp I was thinking about a FIIO E7 because it also has a DAC for when I connect my future headphones to my computer an I'm guessing I will get a better sound too when I connect my surround system to my computer.
    This seems like the best way for me to get a great audio experience while still being able to eat during the week :wink: 
    So basically I'm asking for confirmation here and to see if there's something I didn't think of.
    Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. basementdweller
    I own the SR60i and have a pair of SR325i in a box that I haven't been able to play with.  I hope that the SR225i would be a better bang for your buck than the SR60i and an amp.  I found that the SR60i benefited greatly from allowing it time to break in, but didn't see significant improvement when I used it with my E7...it was there, but very subtle.
  3. sweex
    Thank you for your reaction.
    I went to my local audio shop yesterday and tried both the SR60i and 80i and for me there wasn't that much of a difference in sound, while the 60i is "only" 99€ and the 80i 159€ 
    That was the reason why I was thinking I would be better of by buying the 60i and a E7 for 55€ which I can also use as a DAC to pass by my laptop's sound card. 

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