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Looking for comfortable good sounding headphones in a 100$ price range

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wizorz, Oct 31, 2012.
  1. WiZoRZ
    Topic. Looking for something comfortable I can wear for a long period. I will mostly use them at pc but i'd like them to sound good since I might use them from time to time when traveling or just for fun. Full size, over ears, not on ears.

    I mainly listen to metal and rock. I like my treble a little higher than my bass, in fact I don't like huge bass.

    My budget is arround 100$, I could pay 150$ if it's really worth it. I currently own a pair of grados sr80i, i like them but it's not confortable at all. even modded with other ear pads.

    Living Canada, I'd like to buy them at the store in case i don't like them for any reasons, just feeling safer to me.

    I take suggestions, if you have time you can look up at some websites.


  2. TwinQY
    If you're in Canada, Tom Lee and Long & McQuade have tons of studio cans you can audition and buy. Around your price range as well. The AKGs, KRK 8400, M50, SRH840 are all good for rock IMO.
    If you're near a relatively large city, there are actually plenty of audio/hifi shops that sell headphones as well.  Headphone Bar in Vancouver for example. My friends keep telling me about one in Montreal as well. Not to discourage you from Future Shop or Best Buy, I just can't think of a decent $100 over-ear they sell at the moment. They do have the SRH750DJ, but you stated comfort was a requirement, and that they are not. 
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  3. WiZoRZ
    I live Montreal. What is this famous shop your friend is talking about?
    Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. TwinQY
    I think it was this, but I'm not too sure. I'll have to ask him: http://www.audioshop.qc.ca/en/home/index
  5. WiZoRZ
    I might just go there today to see what they have. Thank you so much!
  6. kalbee
    If I am remembering right, AudioShop doesn't have as much headphones per say. Or at least no headphone amps (but they have STAX!)

    Layton on St-Catherine has more, though I'm not so sure about the price range.
    Supposedly Davidson near china town has some too, though not sure if there's any chance to audition them.

    I've also seen a pretty nice collection at CanadaComputers although there is no auditioning there and I think headphones cannot be returned for hygienic reasons)... that or with a 5%+ fee.

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