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Looking for closed headphones for evening sessions... bass

  1. HiFiRebel
    Hello all,

    recently joined, but been lurking for a while. I have recently bought Philips Fidelio X2 and really like them. However, two things. One, I had to add more bass (by adding Real Bass Exciter in Foobar), which surprised me as these headphones are suppose to be "bassy"; two, my family complains about the music coming from my room at night (with door closed). The X2's leak a lot of sound.

    So, I've been looking around for a set for evening listening sessions and came across Monoprice Monolith M1060C. It seems like they have it all - closed, good lows and not too expensive. The question is, is there anything else I should consider. I'm keeping the X2's, so looking something to compliment them. Budget to around $300 or £300, but less it better.

    I listen through FX-Audio DAC X6 connected to my PC. Mostly FLACs. Anything really, from relaxing acoustic music to death metal (not that often these days, but I still like heavy music). Heavy thumping bass is important, but also wouldn't like them to be muddy. I like clarity in mids and highs with thumping bass. Warm but not muddy.

    Any recommendations will be very much appreciated. I have the M1060C added to my Amazon basket but waiting for the price to come down a bit, so in the meantime I thought I will ask for some kind knowledgeable people in here to help a noob :)

    Thank you
  2. Rhamnetin
    Argon Mk3 with protein pads. Leaks nothing and the bass can knock you unconscious yet it doesn't sacrifice mids in the process, and the highs are cleaner than most (but subdued).
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  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Check the website Massdrop.
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  4. serman005
    VMODA M100 could potentially also work.
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  5. HiFiRebel
    Thank you for recommendation. I will be checking reviews soon. That looks very interesting indeed. One thing that is not really explained is balanced vs single ended. Which is better? I have no idea what they mean


    EDIT: Looks like Zeos has answered it for me. Balanced. As my DAC / amp is not very powerful (FX Audio DAC X6). Man, these look so interesting. Definitely on my list now. Thank you!

    Thank you! Just checking it now. However, there are so many of them lol Do you have any specific headphones in mind?


    Thank you checking the website now and will be watching reviews later :)


    Thank you all. Much appreciated. I take that these options should be a better choice than M1060C?
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
  6. HiFiRebel
    So I've watched a few reviews of Argon Mk3's and I like what I see. However, pretty much all reviewers mentioned that you need quite a bit of power to drive them properly. Will my FX-Audio DAC X6 be enough for them? Bellow are the DAC's specs:

    Technical Specifications
    Standard Input Interface: PC USB / coaxial, fiber optic (with toggle switch)
    Standard output interface: 6.35mm headphone output base line standard RCA connectors
    Line level output: RMS 2V
    Perfect driving 32Ω-600Ω headphones
    Output power: 90mw / 600Ω, 180mw / 300Ω, 450mw / 100Ω, 610mw / 62Ω, 910mw / 32Ω, 1000mw / 16Ω
    SNR: ≥105dB
    Distortion: ≤0.001%
    Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
    Adapter Voltage: 100-240ACV
    Machine power / adapter output voltage: Dc12V 1A above
  7. Rhamnetin
    Thankfully that is enough power.
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  8. HiFiRebel
    Thank you! Sooo on the fence. M1060C or Argon Mk3? I would have ordered the Mk3's already this morning, but 12 weeks wait? :astonished: I am more of a same-day delivery guy :joy::joy::joy:
  9. Rhamnetin
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  10. HiFiRebel
    He should hire someone to help then :D I love the look of the ZMF's. They look so comfy. But less bass? Never a good thing :D I think I'm just a bass head.

    I had to add Real Bass Exciter to my new Fidelio X2 and now the lows sound just how I like them... huge. I think I'll go for the Argons, but still considering the 1060C. I can have them in 1 or 2 days :D I wish I could find someone with both to compare
  11. gazzington
    See Hawaiian bad boy video for urbanfun ts1. I've ordered one today.
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  12. HiFiRebel
    Did you get them yet? Where you getting them from? What do you think about them?

    (please excuse so many questions)
  13. gazzington
    I've ordered them off AliExpress but won't receive them for a couple of weeks yet.
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  14. HiFiRebel
    Until that time I might cave in and order the Argons Mk3 already... and I would have already done it, if it wasn't for the long wait and possible additional custom charges (I'm still looking for a way to lower the cost on them). And also I'll be away abroad for a week in few days time. So might postpone the headphones purchase until I'm back. Therefore, if you don't mind, when you get them, please post some initial thoughts. I'll be definitely interested. I watched a couple of reviews and all that's people talk about is the "BASS" :wink: Sounds very intriguing to me :)

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