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Looking for closed cans that offer "fun" sound

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by generalsmirnoff, May 23, 2011.
  1. GeneralSmirnoff
    Hey guys,
       I already created a thread before saying that I purchased the MDR7506 headphones from Sony and returned them a week later. The reason was the audio felt dead. There was very little bass, the sound stage was horrible, and the highs felt sharp. All of this made my ears fatigue and I literally could not enjoy my music. I am willing to sacrifice some detail in my music just to make it enjoyable. I am looking for warm bass and a large soundstage, as these are the things that matter a lot to me. As the title says, they have to be closed as I will be taking them on bus rides and on my upcoming 2-way 14 hour long plane trip. I listen to a lot of music genres, rock, trance, techno, house, instrumental, and a lot of songs involving vocals (mostly female). I have heard great things about Grado's, however the open back design is a huge turn off.
    My initial choice was the ATH-M50's for their looks, audio quality, and the overall positive response that they get but the recent bump to $160 and them being very neutral is now making me look for other options. My budget is around $140, however I strongly suggest that the headphones will be somewhere between $100-120. I will be driving the headphones off a Sandisk Clip+ and a Tablet PC so they have to be easy to drive. I'm really tempted to see what you guys recommend
  2. LiqTenExp
    Try DT770-32 ohms.  I own a few Beyers and the have a "fun" sound, are extremely comfortable to wear, and are fairly light.  They are closed cans and can be run off of any portable device.  
    I've seen them as low as 125 refurbished and 199.99 new.
  3. classakg
    In your price range, the Creative aurvana live! could be a nice option. 
  4. crinacle
    M50s for warm, boomy bass, Ultrasone HFI-580 for tight, quick, energetic bass. The HFI-580's bass is significantly more than the M50s.
  5. metalh3ad


    Maybe you can find a second hand pair for around $150. 
  6. GeneralSmirnoff
    Which ones? There are several versions of the DT770's
  7. Arnotts
    Why are you guys recommending DT770's when the OP wants to use them without an amp?
    DT770's, DT880's and DT990's (even the 30 ohm versions) ALL need an amp to sound good.
    EDIT: OP, you're looking for a wide sound stage in closed headphones - these don't usually go together. Ultrasone headphones tend to have a wider sound stage compared to other closed headphones, but open headphones will almost always have a wider sound stage. Ultrasones also have a very "fun" sound usually with powerful bass and clear highs. I'm not sure if you'll find any for $140 though. Unless other people have good recommendations, if I were you I'd try and stretch my budget to get the M50's or a pair of Ultrasone DJ1 Pros/HFI-580's.
  8. wind016

    X2 on the HFI 580. Any more fun than the Ultrasone HFI 580 would be illegal.
  9. WhiteCrow
    HFI-580 ORRR the king of fun-fi IMO SONY XB700!
    i have a pair of Ultrasone DJ1s
    they're closed, foldable and sound fair decent and fun to me!
  11. wind016
    If there was an illegal substance of headphones, Sony XB would be one of the most regulated
  12. crinacle
    If you're used to laid-back bass, the HFI-580 will literally blow you away. I fell off my chair...
    Seriously, they're rugged, beautiful and fun to the max... all at the same time. What's not to like if you listen to THUMPING SONGZ XD
    To quote Kung-fu Panda: "There is no charge for awesomeness. Or attractiveness". Or in this case a $150 price tag :)
  13. swbf2cheater
    Im going to go ahead and recommend the Shure 750 DJ instead due to its detachable cable and all around sound.  If I had $120 to spend on an easily driven set, I'd be looking at a used DT770 ( or a pre 2005 model on ebay for this price ) or the 750dj.  
  14. Proglover


    DT770/80 beat M50's even without extra amping. It is true the Beyers will benefit noticably from an amp yes.
    32 ohm versions are not perse easier to driver then 80/250 f.e.
  15. shamrock134


    I just got some DT770/32 and they don't seem to be very efficient or sensitive (not sure which is correct lol). The volume has to be set waaay higher to sound as loud as my D7000 or Pro900 or E8 or pretty much any of my other cans.
    Not really suitable to be run straight from a DAP IMO.

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