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Looking For cheap earbuds with good sound and a high quality cable

  1. Miguel129
    Hello , well i'm looking for a good pair of earbuds that have a durable cable with good sound , that's mostly because the cable is the reason of why all my earbuds stop working and break , So i saw the Coby CVEM79 seen to have a nice chord/cable , but the sound isolation doesn't seems to be the best out there ... I have seen that the most of the MEElectronics earbuds have a good cable and price , so which of these earbuds are better? I really liked most of the MEElectronics earbuds but which model would be better??
  2. Azathoth
    Are you only looking for earbuds or in-ear type canalphones as well? Do you have a budget limit? I've tried the majority of the MEElectronics IEM's, and the A151 is the one with the highest quality cable (IMO for the price) and a balanced sound sig that will do most genres well, it's around $50 at Amazon IIRC.
  3. Chiraag


    I think he meant in-ear, looking at the Coby CVEM79 he quoted above Azathoth.  I liked the MEElectronics cable quality. Seems quite resilient and I treat mine rough. My Audio Technica couldn't hack it.
  4. Azathoth
    I see, admittedly I had never heard of the Coby CVEM79 prior to this. The MEE M6 also has a sturdy cable and a great value for $20ish, but the iffy fit is not for everyone.
  5. Miguel129
    Well i'm looking for a normal in-ear or earbuds , I don't like the MEE M6 mostly  because of the way that is supposed to be weared because the last pair of earbuds that i had were like the m6 and the cable broke EXACTLY on the curvature that's supposed to be behind the ear , So can you recomend me any other earbuds?? I don't actually care too much about the brand , as long as they have a good cable and a good sound overall
  6. fatcat28037 Contributor
    "Cheap" earbuds with a "high quality" cable? You've defined the null set.
    amanp likes this.
  7. Miguel129


    Yeah ... Well if you're not gonna help then what's your point??
  8. tomscy2000
    To the OP: How cheap are you looking for? That would help narrow down the suggestions.

  9. fatcat28037 Contributor


    My point is you're not going to fine HIGH QUALITY at a CHEAP price. High quality and cheap doesn't exist, thus the null set.
    Also, when you ask for information/opinions you must provide information to work with, like what's your idea of cheap $10, $50 $100, $500? Where will you use them? What type of music do you listen to?
  10. iamthem


    I agree. The A151 have a great cable and build quality. The cable is supple and it feels very strong, and there's plenty of stress relief. I must say, though, the A151 have rolled off treble. I sold them to my friend (after I got tf10's) and he's been enjoying them for a few months, and they are holding up well.
    In fact, like you said pretty much everything meelectronics makes has a great cable. UE's universal range also has some nice cables. I've owned the UE200 and UE400, and the UE400's sound great, as well has having a sturdy ribbon cable. Truth to be told, though, when it comes to cheap headphones with great cables + SQ, there's very few to be found. TF10's sound far better than all of these IEM's and they also have a user replaceable cable.
  11. ninjames
    I agree he hasn't defined what he wants well at all but holy hell the bold text (emphasis mine) is absolutely silly. Of course you can find high quality at a cheap price. A large portion of what we do is try and find bang for buck.

  12. Miguel129
    Well i have decide to go for the M9 earphones but what you guys can tell me about the Ultimate Ears MetroFi 200 and Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220?? Especially hows is the cable is those models compared to the M9??
  13. fatcat28037 Contributor

    For whatever amount of money the OP wants to spend he'll probably find a piece of gear that, to him, sounds better that anything else in that price range. Buying that piece of gear is the best Bang-for-your-buck for him and it may sound better and have a better build compared to the other stuff in that price range. However, in the over-all scheme a cheap piece of gear won't compare well to more expensive stuff because, in general, money buys better sound and a more durable build. $50 IEMs won't be as good as $300 IEMs. 
  14. ninjames


    What you're saying makes perfect sense, but that's because it's a more balanced statement. But suggesting cheap and high quality is impossible is the only thing I took issue with, mate!
  15. doxology

    as i have visited forums like this for many different things i have noticed that sometimes people do indeed mean cheap, but often times they actually mean, it doesn't break the bank, bang for buck or the most affordable item that has good durability and that sort of thing. you have to kind of read between the lines and think about what they probably meant. if i where to ask for something cheap i wouldn't actually mean cheap because most often times cheap is crap, but bang for buck or a good affordable item is often what that kind of statement means.


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