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Nov 20, 2008
Hello, I wasn't sure what section to post this but I have a portable CD player and its woking on almost 10 years and still works but as a backup I am searching for a portable CD player that will last long I am not looking fo the ultra cheap ones but for less than 100 dollars.Which last longer, the portable ones or the more stationary and less portable ones? any suggestions are welcome if you guys(and girls.
) know of any, that would be greatly apreciated.

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For portable, look on eBay for some used Sonys like the 15, 25, 303 or 555, etc,. Many were made of metal and, although not good for walking, great for music. Otherwise go with a regular CD deck. I've had my Adcom GCD-575 since it came out over 20 years ago and it's still going strong. If you have no intentions of really moving it around, I'd go deck.
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Ok, Ill check out and maybe ask there. I was not aware such a forum existed. (stupid me!
) Ill look on those players. right now I have a portable hooked to my stereo system.

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