Looking for builder for Millett K1000 amp
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Mar 1, 2006

Originally Posted by skaelin /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Geeze? Is there anybody interested in building this amp?

No offense, but what makes you think you can simply announce a desire to have an amp built and expect DIY-er's to flock to your attention?
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Uncle Erik

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Mar 18, 2006
I don't have the time or place to help you out (I wish I did), but you can help the process along yourself.

First, it took Sowter 4-6 weeks to get me the output transformers and customs charges do apply. You should go ahead and order the output transformers yourself because it's somewhat of a pain.

Second, download the parts list and start picking up the parts yourself. If you need advice or help figuring out what you need, post here or PM me or one of the other DIY guys. Choosing caps and resistors can be a lot of work and it'd take someone a long time to run through all the options with you. It'd be better if you read up on the varieties of each and bought them yourself.

Third, casing is a big, expensive deal. Look around and pick one that you like. I think Par-Metal makes nice ones, but there are many others. Pick the case you want and order it yourself.

All of this is possible for the average layperson who's never done DIY. If you gather all of the parts yourself, you're much, much more likely to find someone willing to put them together for you. Sourcing parts and getting the case can take hours and hours of time. If a builder only has to drill holes and solder, instead of sourcing everything, it'll be a simpler and lower cost job.

Anyhow, if you go this route, feel free to ask questions and seek advice. Maybe you'll even get up the nerve to take a whack at it yourself.

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