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looking for bass heavy headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bumba, May 28, 2013.
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  1. bumba
    Now i know theres lots of threads about this but i just cant get a satisfying answer...i currently have xb700 and i *****'d them up...im thinking of ah-d1100, some akg headphones or maybe beyerdynamics too (only looking for over-the-ears, not on ears) , id say that $170 is the max price. Some say those have bass, some say they dont. I know none of the headphones out there can make the lows as storng as xb700's but i want something that comes as close as possible. Some say m50 got more bass than d1100 and some say the opposite and im pretty confused. I listen to all kinds of music but mostly hip hop so the lows have a big part in it, i really dont care about anything that goes above 60hz. So please guys suggest something that rattles your skull, thanks!
  2. RoMee Contributor
    The M50 is light on bass, it's no where near the XB700 in bass quantity. Same goes for the D1100.
    If you want lows that are similar to the XB700 than look into the V-Moda Crossfade LP or LP2.
  3. fabio-fi
    M-audio Q40 with some tweaks on Eq for bass. 
    Or the XB800. 
  4. inthere
    It's very important to say what your source is, because headphones act differently on different sources. 
    M50's are weak and the bass will never "rattle your skull". V Moda Crossfade LP 2's have a lot of bass but it's a soft bass, not really hard hitting because too much subs soften it. I found the Crossfade 2's to have very bad mids, but the LP2's are way better than the LP 1's. The closest thing in that price range that will give you what you want are these: 
     But they're on ear and you say you want over ear. They are the loudest headphones in that price range, have plenty of clarity and separation, and the bass kicks like a mule. 
     Marshall also has an over ear that just came out(Marshall Monitors) and I get it tomorrow, but I haven't heard them yet. 
  5. fabio-fi
    Aren't the Marshall similar to the Urbanears? which are cheaper. 
  6. inthere
     That's what I've been told but I have both and the Urbanears have a completely different sound. They're not as loud as the Marshalls and are really muffled on the highs in comparison. I don't know the specifics of why they sound so different and some of their parts are the same, but there's a definite difference.
  7. bumba
    Thanks for the reply, at least i now know im going to ignore the d1100. but i kinda like how akg looks, it looks very comfortable, i actually dislike leather in headphones and those dont have leather (i was looking at k 243 and 142). I dont have an amp, i just play from my laptop, so if for example i eq some akg headphone (or any other not so bass heavy), would i even be able to get it to sound like xb700?
  8. bumba

    My source is pc with no amp and i definitely will consider LP2, seems like a good one. And that soft subwooferish bass is exactly what im looking for
    Q40 seems like a good option too, i guess i gotta decide between LP2 and Q40. I heard people didnt like xb800 very much and those are on ears anyways ^^

    Thanks guys
  9. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Beyerdynamic DT 770s, plenty of bass, excellent highs, decent mids and in my mind they were way better sounding than the M50. You should be able to get a set for that price. I just sold my pair for only $100! Had them for almost 2 years and they actually sounded very good to my ears and many others like them. Certainly well worth considering as are the V-Moda M-100.
  10. bumba
    I found DT 660 and 440 for a pretty good price. The 660's are closed back but 440's are open..and as i have read, open back headphones lack bass right? Any experience on 660's, they got any bass?
  11. DMax99
    V Moda m100 is the best Bassheads headphone I have owned so far and I have all the Sony Xb range too :wink:
  12. D K A
    V-Moda Crossfade lp 2, Beyerdynamic 660 or V Moda M 100 if you really want got much bass
  13. bumba
    Okay thanks a lot everyone, i think i now have heard all i needed to hear, im going for the DT 660's, even if they dont make as much bass as v-moda. As i said earlier, i dislike leather cushions and i think in this case thats what led me into this decision, my headache is over :wink:
  14. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I've heard very good things about the 660, it might be a hidden gem. David Mahler (hope I spelled his name correctly) posted about how much he enjoyed the 660s, saying for him they were the best cans for classical music and a great value in general. Let us know your impressions. Where did you find them and for how much?
  15. jmwoliver
    Wow, I just looked up the DT660s and they look great! I hope the OP posts his impressions.
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